A few words about the Rueda standard

The idea is simple! using a same basic rueda commands to have fun togethers.

Rueda standard diagrame

Rueda standard = basic classic rueda figures + common vocabulary

Rueda de Casino is a dynamic dance constantly evolving. It ‘s casual, belongs on the street, up to date, and constantly challenging the dancers. In Havana and Santiago de Cuba you may see what district people come from on the basis of the way they dance rueda de casino, i.e. which “dialect” they are dancing. Wanting to introduce rueda de casino to eager dancers outside Cuba is quite a challenge, here and also in various cities around the world.

So, the main idea about having a rueda standard is provide the opportunity to dance with different dancers from different groups around the world by using a “common rueda language”. The standard itself is just a list of few classic rueda figures that can be easily danced & learned including a common way to call it & execute it.

The rueda standard videos!

You can watch the videos here or from our YouTube Channel

Take a look at the rueda standard figures

We support the Norwegian rueda standard & you can download the sheet below

Rueda Standard list – Short list
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Rueda Standard list – Full list
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Rueda Standard Theory
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