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As any registered non-profit organization, Montreal Rueda de Casino needs your support to maintain its activities. In get the following benefits!

$20per year
More than $100 per year in reductions
  • $2reduction on Cubania tickets
  •  Discounts for special events on Cactus & SalsaFolie
  • 10%off on t-shirts bought online by using a coupon code
Legal - Disclaimer

Some conditions may apply:

on Tickets

  1. Reductions does not apply to the coat check or drinks.
  2. The discount on special events will be published on our website.
  3. The value, days, and places where the discounts applies could be changed according to the venue.
on T-shirts
  1. The discount applies on any t-shirt bought from our shop by using a special coupon code.
on Sessions & Workshop
  1. The discount applies for all classes/workshops taken within the year following subscription.
The annual subscription
  1. costs $20.
  2. is not transferable.
  3. is not refundable.
  4. is not automatically renewed.
The discounts
  1. can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  2. are applicable when the full balance (session/workshop + subscription) is made in ONE payment.
  3. cannot be cumulated.

For more details please read annual subscription policy